About Us

Anointing Fire Catholic Ministries  Australia is originated from Sehion Ministries which was formed by Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, the founder-director of Sehion Retreat Centre in Kerala, India.  Under the spiritual leadership of Fr.Xavier Khan, retreats and conventions are conducted around the world, for lay people, priests , nuns and ministry leaders.   People who come for retreats go back after experiencing inexpressible love and peace of our Lord Jesus. Many people who have experienced miraculous healings, repentances and de-addictions testify to the fact that the Almighty God has abundantly blessed  and anointed Sehion Ministers with gifts of Holy Spirit. AFCM do invaluable services for global evangelisation and has got its Ministries in different countries like UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Ireland and Pakistan.

AFCM Australia  started in April 2018 after the Mission Gatherings conducted in 6 regions in Australia. Under the guidance of Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil and Fr. Soji Olikkal, dedicated ministers have committed their lives and their time & treasure for winning souls for Christ.  To accomplish this mission, there are 8 Ministries under AFCM Australia, supported by intercessory prayers and chain fasting. Through prayer ,we draw all the graces to carry out the mission . Hence , prayer becomes the most important element in our ministries.

Our Spiritual Directors