Intercession Ministry

Intercession Ministry

First of all, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanks-giving be made for everyone.” (1 Timothy 2: 1)

Intercession Ministry was formed to intercede for the whole world and for special intentions that come through prayer line. Daily, intercession minsters from all over Australia get together through ‘zoom audio conference’ to praise and thank Almighty God and offer Holy Rosary in the morning and Stations of the Cross in the afternoon. There is ongoing chain fasting as each AFCM minister sacrifices one meal per week. On all Fridays, 12 hour chain prayer is offered. Intercession coordinator and the prayer warriors have committed their time to listen to the prayer requests of the people and intercede to our Lord. If you are troubled by any problem or if you feel that there is no one to pray for you, AFCM Intercession Ministry is there for you.

Please send all your prayer requests to


Mr.Anil Devasia